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... just like Casy's

Casy was a naive, innocent 14 year old girl from the country, driven to  seek work in the city to support her farming parents and six siblings as they couldn't make ends meet. 

Targeted by a woman who promised her work, where all she had to do, she was told, was dress pretty, sit with men and sometimes go out with them, she found herself locked in a room with several men who brutally broke her in as part of her training for the job she was to exercise night after night. Casy had been a virgin and didn't even know what sex was.

She was discovered by a team of our rescue agents posing as customers. They treated her kindly and over time won her trust.  One night she was shown photographs of smiling girls who had been rescued in the area and given the choice to 'disappear' that night.  She did and hasn't looked back.  Safe and nurtured back to health by our aftercare specialists, she has been given the tools to one day fulfil her dream of owning her own hairdressing & beauty salon. 

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In 2018 YOU helped us to rescue 1,074 children from sexual enslavement.

Our 2019 goal is to rescue 1,250 children. It costs $1,500 on average to rescue a child.

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Benefits of making EOFY Charitable Donations
  • Give and receive before June 30th - minimise your tax, maximise your return
  • Do something good for the less fortunate and reduce your taxable income
  • Donating money increases your happiness — source: The Harvard Gazette 17/4/17
Benefits of becoming a Rescue Partner
  • Making a lasting difference, even on a small budget
  • Partner with our frontlinr rescue & aftercare teams by funding their work
  • Know that your investment helps where it's needed most.
  • Receive regular updates to see what you're helping to achieve
Benefits of Workplace Giving
  • Giving programs have a positive impact on workplace and culture
  • Smart and simple way to give
  • Immediate tax benefits
  • No more paperwork at tax time
  • Every dollar you donate is worth more
  • Achieve more for less as a group